The Start of a New Tradition.

Contemporary furniture


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James Moran

“ My father always said, never compromise on quality, but work with the customers on style, and make sure it suits their lifestyle, not just their pockets.”

James Moran’s father, John Moran started Moran Furniture over 40 years ago in his mother’s garage. James started his apprenticeship under his father working for the family company, Moran Furniture. Some years later, James left the family company and started his own independent furniture business called James Moran Furniture.

With his father’s advice in mind he has launched a stylish new range of furniture. “Our ideal is to convey our passion for what we do, with an aesthetic love for furniture design, to clients, interior designers and architects. As such, we have the uniquely enjoyable taskof turning anyone’s dreams into unparalleled realities.”

Contemporary furniture
residential furniture

All of the furniture that is made by James Moran is manufactured in Australia. James will never rest on past achievements. He recognises that furniture must remain at the leading edge of technology and quality in order to satisfy customers, and is committed to continually bringing new and exciting ideas to the marketplace. … Ideas that will always bring customers back who want to replace their old furniture with newstyles.

James acknowledges that though the furniture might be with you for years, home fashion changes, making it important that each item works with the client’s current lifestyle. High standard, superior customer service is very important to the philosophy of the company.