Furniture Maitenance
Furniture Maitenance

Obviously it is most desirable to keep your furniture in the great condition you found it on the day it was delivered to your door.

Cleaning should be regular to keep it to surface cleaning only. If your suite is not regularly cleaned then surface soiling can become an ingrained problem requiring the more fulsome service of a professional clean.

A weekly wipe gently with a damp cloth usually enough to maximise the appearance of your new furniture. The waxy protective applications will not be harmed, but the surface dirt will be safely removed. A good vacuuming will remove any other dust or dry materials.

Monthly spot cleaning is recommended, with suitable upholstery cleaner, especially in the areas most affected by body contact, followed by a suitable protector application. Do not use any non recommended products on quality furniture, as its ability to damage is usually far greater than its ability to clean. Always consult a professional if in doubt.

In the daily maintenance of your furniture there are several key things to avoid so as maximising your enjoyment of your purchase.

Furniture Maitenance
Furniture Maitemance

The things that make them warm and waterproof actually damage your furniture. Sunlight and Heat Long exposure = cracking, fading and drying Personal Products Hair gels/sprays, make-up & creams can be damaging.

As with everything else, the normal hurly-burly of life will present its own challenges to your new furniture. Grubby fingers, dye running from clothes, pen marks, and marauding children are just some of the trials your furniture may face, but prompt action can preclude any situation from becoming worse, and the James Moran Furniture team are more than happy to assist in solving the worst of accidents.

At least every year your James Moran Furniture should be
cleaned and protected by a professional cleaning company.