Comfort Difference


understand the great truth of the James Moran Furniture.

The art of fine furniture making, is that once the upholsterer has completed his job, many of the excellent design features and materials which make “comfort” such a magnificent feature in furniture are hidden by the fabric or leather cover.

It is therefore, well worth your while to take a few moments exploring what goes on beneath the surface of your furniture…because it is the inner workings of your furniture that will make a lifetime of difference to its comfort and longevity.

When you invest in handmade furniture, you will acquire the creation of some of the world’s best talents and finest skills. Wonderful designs, excellent comfort qualities, furniture which has been properly researched and designed for our unique Australian way of life.


The underlying value of Hand-tied Springs

The Ultimate Seating System

When you own furniture, which includes a “hand-tied” spring system, you will have the finest seating system your money can buy.

In fully sprung furniture, only “hand-tied” springs will give true independent suspension for every person no matter what shape or size.

A Foundation of Excellence

Our hand-tying technique is unique to us. Before the springs are seated into your furniture, the craftsperson installs a series of special steel “locking bands” across the bottom of the seat frame.

These special steel bands hold each spring solidly for life. They will not warp, sag or twist.

Each individual steel seat spring is hand positioned, locked down, hand-tensioned, hand-tuned and tied into place with virtually unbreakable twine.

As each spring is tied at separate locations, a cocoon-like web of comfort develops around each one. This web integrates each spring with its neighbours to provide the ultimate in individual buoyancy.

Hand-tensioning allows each spring to operate independently to give your body just the right seat position to ensure simultaneously correct lumbar support. (Fig.2)

Even if you perch right on the edge for a moment, your body will still receive the benefit of a full spring support.

Lift the cushions and you will see a sculptured seat base featuring the tell- tale handmade central ‘dome.’ Steel springs is a traditional craft which has been revived and perfected by us exclusively for our furniture.

The level of comfort this technique creates is the pinnacle of the craft… it cannot be achieved by any method utilising shortcuts. Our ‘performance test’ designs to provide you with comfort for the life of your furniture.

This is your guarantee of superb quality and true body-correct comfort for the rest of the life of your furniture.


The Importance of Comfort

Real comfort is no luxury; it is a mental and physiological necessity.

As you sit on properly designed, well upholstered furniture, amazing things happen to your whole body.

Your muscles begin to relax, your blood supply starts to circulate more freely and your back takes a well-earned rest as your spine is gently supported in the right place at the proper angle. (Fig.5)

Poorly designed furniture will inhibit relax-ation by constricting your circulation with hard edges, crimping muscles by positioning you incorrectly and creating excess pressure on the delicate lumbar area in your lower back. (Fig.6)

Be warned. The supposedly simple act of sitting down can actually create more problems than it alleviates UNLESS furniture is correctly designed in every aspect.

Did you know the discs at the base of your spine support more weight when you are sitting down than they do when you are standing up?

If you sit away from the ideal position, the pressure on your lower lumbar discs can increase. (Fig.7)

Sitting crookedly will complicate matters even further…so it is well worth a little of your time to understand the underlying balancing act carried out by the seat angles, support systems, springs and frame every time you sit down.

Our furniture is designed to position your entire body in an almost weightless state, gently held at the hips…and properly supported at the correct angle. When you are sitting in well-made furniture, your muscles “float”, relax and rejuvenate. (Fig 8.)

That’s the difference between sitting in our furniture and on furniture which has not been correctly designed.

You will spend many, many hours sitting in your special furniture…so be sure it will make your leisure time an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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